My Haunted House Wish List

So as you all know I like to build a haunted house most years, and that last year I lost pretty much every prop and decoration I owned to a fire I have about 2 full sized, 1 child sized skeletons, couple zombie heads and a skeleton dog that survived).

I thought I’d start a little wish list of all the Halloween items I plan to purchase in the future (when money allows, some of them aren’t cheap!)

Lets start off with the Limb Eating Zombie Boy from Mad About Horror. This little guy looks truly gruesome. In a crouched position makes him perfect for hiding in the corner or under a table. You know somewhere easily missed so that when he is activated it will definitely catch you off guard and make you jump.

This guy has been on my list for a while, but always out of stock when I have the money to pay for him, typical!
Now the description says 4 AA batteries, I’d change this and use a battery eliminator like This One from Amazon. I’ve used these in the past and they have been great for migrating battery powered devices over to mains powered.

Video credit; TekkyToys

Next up is the Life Sized Speaking Witch. I’ve seen this on Mad About Horror in the past and always wanted to pick one up, but never been able to catch them in stock when I’ve had the money for it.

Animation wise, it doesn’t seem to do a lot, but the sound box is incredible (at least in the videos it is). I think she’d go really well with the Cauldron Creeper in a haunted house.

Video credit;

This next item is something I’ve only just discovered today. Found it on the Mad About Horror site (I know always mentioning them, bu they are my go-to site for Halloween Props in the UK). This is the Talking Spear Heads. When you order you only get 1 of the 3 choices (you can choose or get a random one). The choices are Zombie, Skull or Voodoo. I’m personally partial to the Voodoo head. This would make a great opener for any haunted house. If I manage to catch them in stock I will certainly be ordering one… or two…

Video Credit; Mad About Horror


That’s it for now, but as I find new things I will update this post with anything that gets added to my wish list.

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