Aged Cemetery Tombstone – The Review

Over the years I’ve bought a few tombstones for a small graveyard design with an animated ground breaker zombie. In 2018 I decided to take it a bit further and purchase the Aged Cemetery Tombstone from Costco. This 5ft Tombstone feature a small black crow perched on the top corner.  

The whole thing is made from plastic and is hollow. It came in two halves in the box which simply needed stacking on top of each other and sliding to the side. The design has two hooks on the base part that when the top piece is slide over the hooks grip it securely.

I mean mine was held together very well, I could life it by the top and the base would follow with no play at all.

The tombstone is not animated in the sense that it has zero moving parts, however it does features light and sound effects.

Depending on how you have it set, once activated the candles will illuminate and flicker, blue lights will give an eerie glow to the skull and in time to the cawing crow sound effect, the crows eyes will glow red.

I say that depending on how you have it set because there is an option to leave the blue lights and the candles on constantly, leaving just he crow and sound effects to be triggered. I personally went with everything off as it had more impact if the entire thing came to life all together.

I mean if you see a glowing Tombstone you are more likely to expect it to do something else aren’t you? Whereas a lifeless lump of plastic could be just that, something placed for decoration. Not everything in a haunted house has to come alive. If it does it can become far to predictable and thus loose that fear factor.

All the website’s selling this item stated motion sensor activation, but I could never seem to get it to trigger properly from motion. I found that it seemed to trigger more from noise if anything. If i walked in front of, nothing, if I clapped off to the side, it would suddenly awaken.

The visual effects were average, it was a good mood setting piece.

The sound box was of high quality again no tinny sound, nice clear audio and the cawing crow was piercing enough to heighten the anxiety of any visitor.

The overall appearance of the Tombstone was average, a bit cheap looking to be honest. The designers had tried to make it look like weathered stone, but it was still clearly molded plastic and it had a cheap thin feel to it.

Unlike the Cauldron Creeper or the Looming Phantom the Tombstone somehow managed to survive the fire with just a layer or ash, quite impressed by that fact, but they insurance company wouldn’t let ,me keep it due to the electronics inside being a risk. Here’s a short clip of it post fire,

Overall the Aged Cemetery Tombstone is a good mood setter piece, useful to help keep the atmosphere of a haunted house flowing between the big scare ticket items. Would I buy it again? I’m inclined to say no, to be honest. It was good, but it didn’t blow my mind and become a key element to my haunted house.

My ratings;

Build quality

3 *. The Tombstone was easy to assemble, but the materials used just felt cheap.


3 *. It was a good try on the designers behalf to get the aged stone look, but in my opinion it didn’t quite reach it. I’ve had polystyrene tombstones that have looked better.


N/A, no animation on this prop.


5 *. Superb sound box. I know I have given three 5 * sound box reviews, but to be honest I spend a decent length of time researching a prop before I buy, and only buy those who sound great. Nothing ruins the atmosphere more, for me, than a cheap sound effects. 

Fright factor

1 *. More of a creepy atmosphere creating than fear. It helps to keep the atmosphere flowing, but doesn’t create any really fear I found. 

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