The Destroyer – Fire

I’ve mentioned in a couple of my reviews already about a fire, well this post is all about it.

In 2018 myself and my girlfriend put in a good deal of time to setup a haunted house in my outbuilding.

Here are some images of everything that was at our disposal (less a few items bought post photos);

This outbuilding contains two rooms, the first being a games/general room the second, built by the previous owners, is a cinema room.

We had setup a great walk through where as you entered the building into the games room you had the Cauldron Creeper straight to your right, to hit you with a scare as soon as you walked in.

The rest of this room was done up with various decorations and a small grave yard in the corner opposite the door. This graveyard had the Aged Cemetery Tombstone as the main centre piece.

There was also a large plush elf that was setup as an alcoholic and hung himself. There wasn’t any particular theming to this display.

Into the cinema room the Looming Phantom had been setup again to the right of the door.

Then after walking round the seating there was a small ring of tombstones with a couple of ground breaker zombies and a foam coffin. This is where the sweet bowl was as well.

I was planning on using the projector to display some Atmosfear fx videos onto the wall, more about them in future posts.
All of this went up. A small fire started in the corner of the cinema room. Electrical, from its location I have pinned it down to some little tea light candles. I found some rechargeable ones on amazon and had left them charging.

I was awoken in the morning by a neighbor as they was smoking coming from the games room windows.

Funnily enough at first they thought it was me “experimenting for Halloween”, (in my village I’m known as the Halloween house).

After getting no response from the outbuilding they came and banged on my back door. Least to say not the best way to be woken up.


After a frantic call to the fire brigade they raised with two trucks. Fire was pretty much out when they arrived apparently. Their inspector said it was a small fire that suffocated itself, but it burnt hot, very hot.

The damage was all consuming, everything in the cinema room either melted or was vaporised. The Looming Phantom was reduced to just the metal framework. My projector, a melted blob dripping from the ceiling.
If you’ve read the cauldron creeper review you will have seen the photo of it post fire.
I lost pretty much my entire Halloween collection bar a couple of plastic skeletons and a pair of ceramic zombie heads.
This was my collection pretty fire,

This fire took place Oct 30th so no one got to visit the haunted house, which was a massive shame considering the amount of work that was put into it.

Oh well, live and learn, luckily no one was injured in the fire and insurance has covered it all.

Having said this, the Aged Tomb Stone managed to survive, although the insurance company made me destroy it;

I’ve just got to start rebuilding that collection, which will take some time. I’ve already ordered a new cauldron creeper and a new item I found onĀ Mad About Horror, a Victorian zombie boy on a swing…. I’ll review that when it arrives.

My advice…. don’t buy cheap rechargeable tea light candles from amazon!

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