Mad About Horror – The Review

Over the last 5 or so years I have found a passion in Halloween and creating displays that give everyone a fright. After all, life’s no fun without a good scare – yes I am a fan of The Nightmare Before Christmas.

Anyway back to the topic – a couple of years into this passion and after a lot of searching online, I came across Mad About Horror. This site has a great range of products and is one of the best for animated props that I can find in the UK.

As I mentioned in the cauldron creeper review, I purchased my first (working) one from them. I had it on pre-order and paid for the express delivery. Their customer support was brilliant.  They contacted me within 24 hours of the order to confirm that the express delivery was correct as it was a pre-order item. I mean, a lot of companies would have just taken the money and not really cared. It was a great start to the relationship with them for me.

This year I have pre-ordered the cauldron creeper again to replace my melted one as well as the swinging boy (which I will review when I get him).

I find myself being drawn back to Mad About Horror constantly to look at what they have on offer.

They offer products that I haven’t seen anywhere else, high quality artistic props which look incredibly detailed. I mean, if I had the budget for them I would pick one or two up as they would be great scene/mood setting items. Their range of masks and other horror collectibles is amazing.

I just wanted to write a quick review post about Mad About Horror to let others know of this excellent company. I highly highly recommend checking out what they have and each year they always have new imports coming items from America.


Disclaimer – photo credits to Mad About Horror.

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